• Sunshine Coast Travel Tin Candle

Sunshine Coast Travel Tin Candle

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Bring a piece of the beautiful Sunshine Coast home with you, captured in a tin. These locally handmade candles are featuring amazing photographs of some of our most beautiful and beloved locations on the coast and come in a range of divine scents. The perfect gift to someone you wish to share your Sunshine Coast memories with. The candles are made of the highest quality soy wax and natural fiber cotton wicks. Enjoy up to 35 hours of burn time.

Glasshouse Mountains - Bergamot & Ylang Ylang
Coolum Beach - Coconut & Lime
Hinterlands - Lemon & Pineapple
Laguna Lookout - Sandalwood & Vanilla
Kondalilla Falls - Ginger & Lemongrass

$10.00 flat rate (Australia wide)

Candle Care

- Let the wax pool reach the edge of your glass when burning the candle for the first time to ensure a flat surface at every use
- To make the most of your candle let it burn for not more than 1-4 hours at a time
- When burning your candle keep it away from children, pets and curtains and never leave it unattended
- Keep your candle on a heat resistant surface
- When only 1 cm of the wick remains discontinue use