Young Jeweller's Award

I made it back from Queensland to our Geraldton jewellery gallery just in time for the opening of the 'Young Jeweller's Award'.  I was absolutely blown away by the collection pieces that were made by the students of two high schools in Geraldton.

This is the second year running of this award but this year another high school has joined in. So now the lucky schools involved are Nagle Catholic College and also Geraldton Secondary College.

How it works. Latitude Gallery donated 69 Black pearls from our own farm located at the Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton in Western Australia....

Love Diamond Inclusions

It was interesting today as I was working at our jewellery store in Montville, Queensland.  A lovely lady came in and as we were chatting she asked us about inclusions in diamonds.  She said she took her ring to a jeweller (not specified) and asked if it was worth anything and if she could make it into something.  The jeweller was very hesitant and also mentioned it would of been a fantastic diamond if it didn't have the inclusion.  So this got me thinking what does make a beautiful diamond.  I think there are a number of things that makes...

Wedding Photo Competition

Do you love your wedding photos and would love to win a $500 gift voucher from Latitude Gallery to have that very special piece of jewellery made with us.  Follow the link below for you chance to enter.  Once you have entered remember to share with your friends and get them to vote for your image.  The most votes is the winner.  Good Luck.

Follow this link to enter

Back to the Islands

Well, yes I needed to get back to Western Australia to check on the pearl farm at the Abrolhos Islands and it was absolutely amazing....

The weather was oily calm, the sun was shining on the way over in my boat we came across a pod of dolphins and schools of sharks feeding on mulies (small fish).  This is something that you don't get to see everyday. 

Our first meal was Western Australian rock lobster (we call them crays) gosh it was yummy.....cooked it myself, the crew were more than happy with that. The second meal was fresh coral trout and...

Designer Jeweller Darylle Kelly

It is a great honor to be able to exhibit the jewellery of Australian Designer Jeweller  Darylle Kelly.  Her jewellery has unique flow and showcases pearls and unique gemstones, from Diamonds, Aquamarines, Garnets, Sapphires just to name a few.  Its the way she combines them together that creates such a unique work of art.

Darylle Kelly is one of Australia's most original South Sea Pearl and Gemstone jewellery designers. She is a qualified Gemmologist and awarded member of the Gold and Silver Smith’s Guild of Australia.

From her first handmade ring in 1973, Darylle has established her reputation over the...