The Abrolhos Islands lie 70 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia. Consisting of 122 islands, it's not just the coral gardens that brighten the area, it's the painted camps that provide a colourful contrast to the white washed coral outcrops.

The islands remain one of the most unique marine ecosystem in the world. Lying in the path of the Leeuwin current which maintains water temperatures between 18-26 degrees provides the perfect breeding ground for many marine species and rare birds.

What makes this region so unique?
This ecosystem can sustain both tropical and temperate species.
Marine creatures that are normally found in the northern waters and also marine species found in the southern waters both survive and thrive in this region. Camps on the islands provide homes for pearl farmers, lobster fisherman and their families throughout the year.

Some islands have sports clubs, schools and football ovals and on Basile Island there is a quaint little church.

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