Our Mission statement :

“We create Jewellery that tells a story……….that’s the difference”



         Pia’s message about our Mission Statement:

“From the first piece of jewellery I designed, I had an instinctive message inside me saying ‘Every piece of jewellery we design and make has a story behind it, and this story is so precious and significant- it needs to be told’. From then on, that became the second core element of my jewellery brand, next to ‘freedom to create’. How amazing cool is that. Jewellery created with freedom, which most often has its own significant story attached to it”


Our Vision Statement

 “To be treasured by people across the globe for their love of freely created and storytelling jewellery”


Pia’s message about our Vision Statement:

“Imagine everyone all over the world being able to own a piece jewellery that has been designed and created with the free spirited ‘freedom to create’ philosophy of Latitude Jewellers.  A piece of jewellery that we have created, which has its own distinct and significant story attached- designed and created in Western Australia and most often made with an Australian grown Abrolhos Islands Pearl or other Australian Gem! How amazing will that be? I want everyone to be able to enjoy our Jewellery. I want the brand to be known worldwide.” 


Our Core values



Creativity is our core value. Our Jewellery artists have limitless ‘freedom to create’. Therefore, our designs are innovative, not confined to fashion trends, and always creative.



All our jewellery has significance with a story to tell. Such as the ‘Goddess’ Collection, featuring Aquamarines.

The story: in ancient times, sailors would take Aquamarines with them to throw into the sea during a storm as offerings for the Sea Gods to protect them.

Our customers treasure their jewellery not only for its value and beauty, but for the significant story it holds.



Company Founder Pia Boschetti is well known for her enthusiastic character.

Pia’s enthusiasm flows through to her jewellery designs and everyone who experiences Latitude Gallery  



Excellent product and service is what we provide at Latitude Gallery. Jewellery is made with high standard of workmanship and generous silver/gold content. We go beyond the necessary to exceed customers’ needs



Latitude Gallery is proud to be known for supporting a strong community spirit. We fund an event named ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ where works of art are created using waste from the Abrolhos Islands which is cleaned up by Latitude Gallery once a year. 



We hear and absorb what customers and colleagues are saying; to be fully engaged in what they mean and need. Relationships amongst team members and with clients that are caring, positive and valued